Jacob Woods

Jacob Woods
Jacob is gay. He eats, breathes, and sleeps lgbt issues. Currently he is a rural psychology student working to educate the simpletons. Enjoy his blog and his other creative meanderings!

Creativity Corner

Welcome to Creativity Corner! I don't know what this is. But that is ok, that is where all things begin. They start with nothing, and a bing bang occurs, and then there is stuff that just begins floating around in a metaphorical gravitational pull. This spot is an extension of my mind. It's basically free content that gives you a sample of my free flowing head. I've got a bad feeling about this.


Perverisity by ~GoodasGay on deviantART

This might be offensive but on Deviant Art I asked the question, "In the face of the obesity epidemic there remains extreme poverty. What should we be more concerned about?"

Perhaps it's not a matter of what we should be more concerned about but a matter of taking care of both of the issues and approaching both of them. The poor thing is, all this will do is make people think about it. Perhaps there is action out there somewhere.

OMG! Randumbocity was one of my favorite failure projects ever! 

Whats more creative than a cow with a hamburger imprinted on its stomach area?

I don't really know.

I just thought it looked cool and it's always a lot of fun to play around with things.


What will I think of next. Ok, I know, it's not that cool!

If you want this phrase as a shirt, you should totally e-mail me. I will find a way to sell it! I am that desperate to make money.

I had these sayings up as a separate blog! LOL!!!

This following endeavor is offensive and not to be taken seriously. It is a parody and humorous. Probably will piss you off if you read it.

Doodles Noodles and Rabbles

 More Randumbocity!