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Jacob Woods
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Wednesday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving Break - Youth Homelessness

 Black Friday - The Mindless Herd

I was sitting trying figure out a way to approach giving to the homeless when it occurred to me. An old man was buying some candy from the vending machine and I thought to myself, omg, that's how I look when I buy vending machine food. One, it's overly priced, two, I don't really need it, three, it makes you look really greedy considering there's starving people in the country of Africa. - (O'Reilly Sarah Palin)

And that's precisely when I started writing. I realized that thanksgiving was coming soon. The reminders are all over Facebook and Twitter. OUTfront somberly Tweets the following.
Travel safely! ...and use this Holiday Conversation Ki[ck] start conversations w/ yr family: -
Give thanks but consider homeless LGBT youth: . In MN? Check out host home program.
These tweets are a soft reminder of two things, there is an amendment that aims to define marriage between one man and one woman in Minnesota. (The Arch Bishop and his anti-gay minions are all over this!) All of the activists and informed lgbt members are encouraged to talk to their families about the real meaning of marriage and family. Here are some ways you can approach that conversation. (). Please make good use of it this weekend! Secondly, we are reminded that there are still homeless people. Youth and lgbt members are especially ostracized.

It's easy to assume that organizations that aim to reduce hunger and homelessness during the holidays are all inclusive. But apparently, not everyone wearing a Santa hat and ringing a bell is gay friendly. I thought as a child that if I gave money to Santa I would be paying his Christmas elves to make me cool presents for Christmas. But apparently, I was supporting something completely different. One being the consumerism greed which fuels the holiday spirit, and secondly, the Salvation Army which apparently doesn't think "queers" need their donations. Apparently my sexual attractions are "sexually impure".
"The Salvation Army has a history of active discrimination against gays and lesbians. While you might think you're helping the hungry and homeless by dropping a few dollars in the bright red buckets, not everyone can share in the donations. Many LGBT people are rejected by the evangelical church charity because they're "sexually impure." "- (Why you shouldn't donate to the Salvation Army.)
The article goes on to list organizations that are all inclusive. But, it doesn't list the organization I would like to see donated to. I would like to see more go towards the organization I was introduced to when the Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus performed at their annual fundraiser. (Avenues for Youth)

Because if you donate to Avenues for Youth, a Minnesota based organization, they will actually include everyone. I don't know, sort of like Jesus loves everyone.

The following video is an lgbt voice from New York.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

 Black Friday - The Mindless Herd


Rob from VA said...

I didn't know until earlier this week that the SA was like this. Not that I ever really gave them money anyway, but I'll make a point of not doing so (and spreading the word) now. Some Christians they are...


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