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Jacob Woods
Jacob is gay. He eats, breathes, and sleeps lgbtqia issues. He is a sociology major currrently working to educate the simpletons. He attends college in the Twin Cities.

Tuesday, November 22

Another Historic Change on Good as Gay

I was feverishly filling up the pages in my daily journals when I found myself writing about Good as Gay and everything I needed to do to fix this blog to make it successful. Soon, it will be going on two years of writing and I hope that by the spring of 2012, when this years school year is finishing up, I will have one thousand views per day. On occasion, I get traffic spikes from Reddit of 800 or so. But that is meaningless. What matters is that the content I give is relevant for my audience who tells me on Facebook every day how much they love me.

In coming to realization that I was writing about Good as Gay I realized that I had focused too much again on making money from the blog. Besides, advertisements are destructive and give a false perception that the gay community is nothing but white, Christian, men who like to run around naked. The queer community has nothing to do with lesbians. It was about this moment that I had another running thought chase through my head.

I realized that just yesterday I created a freelance work advertisement. I went oh shit, why the hell would I advertise that when I am already busy as fuck trying to keep up with the blog, Helium, and help build a podcast on the side. I was spreading myself too thin. So I abruptly stopped journaling, opened the Good as Gay dashboard and deleted the freelance work tab and blog in regards to that. Come to find out, I had actually deleted the Good as Gay about page that contained everything about Good as Gay from the start to what it is now. But fortunately, because I was journaling, I realized that Good as Gay needed some more changes again.

Now, instead of beating myself up over messing everything up, I am more like a cat that did something clutzy. I meant to delete the about Good as Gay page, because, through journaling, I realized I had to renew the blog.

In renewing the blog, I decided I had to go through all of my posts and analyze which ones were the most popular and why they were liked the most on Facebook and shared the most on twitter. I came to realize that the most popular ones were the ones that either covered an event I went to, said something revealing about my family, or shared something that contained humor with lots of links to other websites. Readers don't really care for dense material explaining the complex world of homosexuality and psychology, or the historical context of Christianity. Unless of course I spice the blog up with a little bit of humor.

So here we are again, recreating, and re - visioning the blog! I don't know what's going to come of it, but Good as Gay is much like my room, I get really uncomfortable when it looks the same week after week. So, I need to move it around and play with ideas a little more. I hope you like some of the new posts I begin to share in the future. I think I may have uncovered the key to success!


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