Jacob Woods

Jacob Woods
Jacob is gay. He eats, breathes, and sleeps lgbt issues. Currently he is a rural psychology student working to educate the simpletons. Enjoy his blog and his other creative meanderings!

Wednesday, June 8

Are you having a good summer?

I would say for the most part yes. Let me elaborate!

The first three weeks I spent down in southern Minnesota. The lifestyle was pretty simple down there. Cleaning up the house for my mother and cooking her a couple of meals was perfect for three weeks. No problems were met and in between cleaning runs and mowing the lawn I would write, network, and promote the blog. It was perfect! I could go outside and write poetry and go for walks whenever not having to worry about homework.

I went to the Gay Men's Chorus! That was a blast. After that I transitioned from helping out my mother to spending nearly every awake moment with my nephew! He takes a lot of energy. In between naps I help my brother clean up the house and take care of some outdoor projects. I write during the mornings and the evenings and head outside every opportunity I get.

I have forty acres to play in and it is wonderful! Thanks for asking!

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