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Jacob Woods
Jacob is gay. He eats, breathes, and sleeps lgbtqia issues. He is a sociology major currrently working to educate the simpletons. He attends college in the Twin Cities.

Friday, April 8

Guest Post: Growing Up Gay and Amish - James Schwartz

Black Friday - The Mindless Herd

Growing up gay and Amish in the Midwest may not have been the easiest road to travel but I am living proof it gets better!

"The Beginning"
The black garbed men cluster by the shed
As the morning sun burns mists away
The unharna[e]ssed horses away are led
To the barns stuffed with hay
The men kiss in the Spirit of the Lord
As Christ once kissed his band
Across the green a rushing stream
Serenades the countryland
Only the brethren greet with a kiss
I am but a child yet know
What today I am to miss
And how far I have to go
To find redemption at the border
Of new beginnings and the Old Order.
"Last Night A Drag Queen Saved My Life"
A bully is as a bully goaded.
Bellies of bigotry never sated.
Swagger and lager and fully loaded.
Scared to become what all fathers hated.
Late, late last night a drag queen saved my life.
Onstage she demonstrated she could fly.
Blinded by sequins I forgot this strife.
I wanted to shine as she did and I.
Will celebrate this rainbow heritage.
To stand as a man and never more die.
Human existence is not sacrilege.
Though Bishop’s cannot look me in the eye.
Bullied, sullied still I seal this letter:
To say to you today: it gets better.

JAMES SCHWARTZ is a poet and slam performer striving for the simplicity of Cavafy mixed with modern gay wordplay and elements; Schwartz’s poetry / slam material dialogues of GLBTQ issues and affirmations of gay (night) life and love.
James Schwartz was born 2.19.78 and raised in the Old Order Amish community in SW MI.

Schwartz is the author of several poetry chapbooks including The Scarlet Band and Other Poems (2005).
 Schwartz’s poetry has been published by Poetry Life and TimesThe Rainbow Gazzette, OutSide the Lines (Australia), The Poet's Haven, Babel: The multilingual, multicultural online journal and community of arts and ideas , The New Verse News, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley's International Poetry Blog for Peace, Perry Brass.com, Queer Magazine Online,Caper Journal,  LGBT Asylum News, Poem2Day, Poets for Living Waters, Love’s Chance Magazine (Summer 2010 issue), All Poetry is Prayer anthology (This is Fire! 2010) and Men Shall Know Nothing of This: A Space to Think
As a slam performer Schwartz has read at The Meta Cafe, This is Fire! The Zoo Bar and the St. Joseph County MI.  Democrats’  Inauguration Day party of President Barack Obama.
The Literary Party by James Schwartz (inGroup Press) COMING SOON!

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jaygeemmm said...

It's good to see that folks in communities that are traditionally unaccepting of gays to be able to live their lives openly and freely. This instills hope in all of us that one day we all may be free and open to everyone.
Thanks for a great post.
Peace <3

Jacob Woods said...

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow him up!!!

Navya Serial Online said...

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