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Jacob Woods
Jacob is gay. He eats, breathes, and sleeps lgbtqia issues. He is a psychology major currrently working to educate the simpletons. He attends college in the Twin Cities.

Monday, March 28

How to Shave Down There - Butt Crack

A safety razor, shaving brush, and mug with sh...
Shaving a butt crack is something I feel that a lot of younger fellows who are entering the sex world really don't know how to do. I was once informed that it is too sensitive down in the private area to shave. My understanding when I was younger is you just don't shave down there. The woolly mammoth is in store and it ain't letting go without a fight.

As I aged I learned that shaving isn't nearly as painful or frightening as all the masculine pussies out there made it sound. Metro-sexuality is becoming rather popular these days. Guys shave, guys cook, guys put on maid suits, guys even clean up diapers from their babies poop. Dad no longer babysits the kid anymore. Dad is actually a father. So some dads probably have started shaving where in the late 1800s they never would have dreamed of shaving.

For straight males and gay males alike, shaving the beast isn't as nearly difficult as once thought. It can be a fun and pleasant experience if given the opportunity.

I find that using an everyday razor can work fine as long as you trim things down with some scissors first. Your everyday face razor can work but it isn't recommended. I recommend purchasing a full body trimmer. And again, before shaving be sure to trim with some scissors. This makes the process easier.
me getting ready to shave.

I bought a Philips Norelco BodyGroomer for around $45. It has vibrating blades that will trim everywhere but your face and head. Your legs, your privates, your stomach, your armpits, you name it. A lot of straight guys have these as more and more women like their men smooth as a baby's butt. I was very surprised to see how many straight guys had purchased body groomers when I moved into my apartment. I thought body shavers were just a gay guys thing. Quite the contrary.

After you purchase a body shaver and have trimmed yourself well. Hmm trimming in the butt crack. I remember getting rather animated in the campus parking lot one summer and describing to my friend how to shave ones butt crack. You just squat and spread your cheeks as much as you can and start trimming. Go slow and be careful. Once your done trimming you can run the body groomer over your curves down there and clean it all up. Your butt crack will be as shiny as a button!

I hope that helps someone. If not I bet you laughed! Hows your morning coffee now Jim? =)

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me you don't use the the two sided type of razor depicted in the photo. If you do you'll need a ride to the emergency room to get stitches. They are nasty. I wax!

Jacob Woods said...

God no!!! Never! I use the body groomer I described to you lol!

Autumn Saylor said...

Hows your morning coffee now Jim? =)

Haha! That was the best way to end this blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Good post. I rather be smooth everywhere. I trim in places but I don't dare use a razor in those places. I have a Wahl trimmer for other areas. Like the barber uses but without guards. Whatever you do, do not use "Nair" down there or you will know the meaning of "Great Balls of Fire !"

Anonymous said...

What about stubble...?

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