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Jacob Woods
Jacob is gay. He eats, breaths, and sleeps lgbt issues. Currently he is a rural psychology student working to educate the simpletons. Enjoy his blog and his other creative meanderings!

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Wednesday, December 8

50 Gay Animals: Links to Fascinating Articles on Gays in the Animal Kingdom.

Below the YouTube video you will find a list of 50 gay animals that have either been altered to show homosexuality or show being gay naturally without any scientific intervention. The list contains links to articles, podcasts, websites, pictures, and videos discussing and/or showing the specifics of each animals homosexual behaviors. I challenge you to compile a better list. Some images and content in the links may not be appropriate for children or in the work place. Enjoy!

1. The Gay Fruit Fly
2. Lesbian Mice
3. The Male Ibises
4.Gay Monkey Society
5. Lesbian Layson Albatrosses
6. Gay Giraffes
7.Pesky Penguins
8. Silly Sheep
9. Sexy Lions
10. Kuddly Koalas
11. Male Tortoise
12. Bisexual Bonobos
13. Wayside Weevils
14. Fruity Oral Bats
15. Bdelloid Rotifers
16. Deer
17. Elephant
18. Domesticated Dog
19. Sexual Dolphins
20. Toad (=
21. Big Horny Sheep
23. Parasitic Wasp
24. Hyenas
25.Whiptail Lesbian Lizards
26. Dwarf Chimp
27. Black Swan
28. Jumping Gay Walrus
29. Gay Grey Whale
30. Asexual Earthworm
31. Monarch Butterflies
32. Macaques
33. Greylag Geese
34. Bison
35. Domesticated Cat
36. Ramming Rams
37. Wally Walrus
39. Zebras
40. Rats
41. Octupus
42. Erotic Emus
43. Arctic Grayling
44.Cock of The Rock
45.Corny Cows
47. Flourishing Flour Beetles
49. Ostriches


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